Thursday, 14 February 2013

14 feb 13

tiling the roof!

22nd Jan 13

14th Jan 13

ply going on pod

working in all weathers!

9th Jan 13


Batoning going on outside

8th Jan 13

new ceilings and pod taking shape

3rd Jan 13

where glass hole will be - 1st floor of pod

2nd Jan 13

Towards kitchen from pod landing

kitchen/diner/living room

looking through to kitchen

rather wet downstairs!

27th Dec 12

Old brick internal wall built

knocking hole through for kitchen entrance

Dormer in bathroom

20th Dec 12

Ply on front

14th Dec 12

Opening for glass doors to office

scaffolding around pod

Landing from underneath

new wall of old bricks being built in vaulted room

12th Dec 12

Pod upper floor taking shape

Nice beams gone across vaulted room

Pod taking shape downstairs

revealing size of fireplace

Pod downstairs

5th Dec 12

Edge of where pod will be

Ply going on right side of house upstairs