Wednesday, 28 November 2012

28th Nov

master bedroom forming!

26th Nov

looking across to bedrooms from dinging/living area

Across vaulted 2 storey ceiling to bedrooms

24th Nov

From bathroom looking at bedroom 2

Master bedroom forming at end

23rd Nov - progress quickening!

Bedroom 2!

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Vaulted ceiling above gallery/courses area being tackled!

Gallery with hole for door made through to courses gall area

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Nov 21st Rain again!

Abandoned site as so much rain. Except for Nick the Trojan who is getting pod floor ready for concrete!

Where wall of Pod will be!

Nov 19th Walls!!

More concrete going in for foundations of pod

Wow! a wall upstairs going up!

2 walls! 

16th Nov Drains etc

Oh dear drains can't be unblocked and need replacing!

Door bricked up

standing in gallery courses area where there will be void in  ceiling

14th Nov Foundations & ceilings!

Ceiling in gallery!

Digging foundations for Pod

Ceiling joists in workshop

we can finally stand upstairs!

Looking towards where there will be bedrooms

Kitchen! Just a floor needed!

Looking out at foundations from office door which will be bricked up

Friday, 9 November 2012

9th Nov Ceilings started at last!

Internal wall between workshop and course area being built!

Steel beam in & shop area being cleared

Roof in shop1st steps

Steel beam

Nov 8th - Panic getting ready for roofers

Clearing site of huge amount of debris

Even more of roof taken down

2 more skips filled

Getting walls ready for roofers

Garden area being cleared and steve finishing inside of brickwork

7th Nov

25th Oct - workshop almost back together

Gap left for double doors from workshop out to garden

Gaps for back window and window/doors to garden

Oct 12th

Brick detail goes in above tiny door to workshop

lintels goes in for new opening from shop towards garden

Brickwork almost done at front of course room

pinning new brickwork to old

Oct 4th - brickwork forging ahead

Subtle old detail restored into new wall

Pillars and doors and window openings where they were before

gold brick detail goes in too